FM2000 Industry LED X-Ray Film Viewer

Model: FM2000
Max.Light Intensity: 170000cd/m² (500000LUX)
Applications: Viewing any film in industries or in any research laboratories.
Brief Introduction:  FM2000 Film Illuminator uses LED lamps which provide a outstanding intensity of light yet generate only a fraction of the heat of other light sources. The FM2000 Film Viewer offers an outstanding level of uniform brightness, cooling fans ensure the viewing areas does not get hot so there is no danger of damaging films. Small size means it ferfect for small mobile dark rooms. Meets requirements of EN25580:1992; ASTM E1390-90 and ISO 5580:1995

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Main Features
►Imported LED Beads with high brightness and long use
►280 LEDs offers an outstanding level of uniform Brightness
►Maximum Light lntensity:170,000cd/㎡or 550,000LUX
►Unlimited Dimmer 2%-100%
►Bearing Fans with high RPM and low noise
►9''*3''(220*75mm) generously large viewing area,Specially designed for weld flaw detection
►Innovative wirelessfoot switch design(Optional)
►Meets requirements of EN 25580:1992,ASTM E1390-90 and ISO 5580:1995

Main Specification FM1000 FM2000
LED Quantity 140 280
Max. Light Intensity 100,000cd/m² 170,000cd/m²
Average Color Temperature 6500k 6500k
Viewing Area 200mm×60mm 220mm×75mm
Power Requirements 170-250VAC  50/60HZ 100-240VAC  50/60HZ
Power Consumption 50W 100W
Overall Dimension 456mm×142mm×68mm 456mm×154mm×68mm
Weight 3.2kg 3.5kg


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